Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scientist Dance-off

Of all the news I heard on NPR this weekend, there is one tidbit that stood out from all the rest... I venture to say that there is something very memorable about this equation: scientists + interpretive dancing= Dance Your PhD competition. Yes, competitive interpretive dancing for astrophysicists, molecular biologists, and the gang.

John Bohannon started this contest earlier
this year and results were announced this past week. The rules of the competition are as follows: using no words or images, interpret your Ph.D. thesis in dance form. The grand prize awarded to the winners was a year's subscription to Science. If you'd like, you can listen to the whole NPR story here.

Although not voted as a winner, this video (above) by Christin Murphy about hydrodynamic trail detection in marine organisms, is one of my favorite entries. I'm not sure if the hula hooping or music selection or lobster outfits won my heart first.

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chicken with his head cut off said...

Wow! That lobster deserved at least 10 subscriptions to Science Magazine! Hell, give the boy a free Discover and Scientific American while we're at it!