Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello, Summer Salad

I look forward to the farmer's market every Saturday morning. I made this salad for dinner the other night, mainly out of ingredients from the farmer's market at McCarren Park. I like salads that combine fruits and vegetables, as well as salads that combine raw and steamed vegetables. This one does both!

-snow peas
-fresh cilantro
-fresh dill
-goat cheese
-toasted chopped almonds
-steamed broccoli
-cannellini beans

For the dressing, I made a berry vinaigrette.
Recipe for Berry Vinaigrette:
1 Tbl jam (Choose a good quality jam or preserves)
-1 Tbl balsamic vinegar
-3 Tbl olive oil

Whisk together or shake it up in a jar.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello, Renegade Brooklyn

Today is the first day of Renegade Brooklyn. As ever, the craft fair is chockful of wonderful artists. I will have to go back tomorrow to take a closer look at the booths that I missed today. I went to Renegade Chicago last year, and had the best time. Renegade always feels like a crafty reunion to me, with rows upon rows of my favorite Etsy sellers and other crafters all in one place for one fabulous weekend. I leave feeling so inspired, ready to run home and start making things!

To the left is a shot of CallieCo's table, full of zippered delights. I have a wallet made by her and I love it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello, Telectroscope

Do you believe in the Telectroscope? I have paid homage to this marvel twice and it has colored the my summer with a shade of delight each visit. The story goes that artist Paul St. George
discovered his great-grandfather's notes for a transatlantic tunnel connecting London and Brooklyn, a project which ended tragically...until Paul St. George picked up the reigns and finished the amazing Telectroscope! The telectroscope visually connects London and New York, like an apparatus straight out of City of Lost Children.

Are you are looking for the ultimate Brooklyn date? Well, here is the plan for you: First, go to Grimaldi's and eat the tastiest pizza in town and swill some Brooklyn Lagers. Then, stroll down to the water just under the Brooklyn Bridge. Grab some homemade ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Savor it while peering into London through the Telectroscope, watching the tourists, and gazing at the lights of Manhattan across the river.

Catch the Telectroscope while you can! It closes on Sunday, June 15 at 6 pm in Brooklyn and 11 pm in London.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hello, Fact & Fancy

Fact & Fancy is my new favorite shop. If you're in Brooklyn, be sure to stop by. The walls are filled with wonderful and inspiring handmade delights. I visited the shop on Saturday, the afternoon before their opening day, and I love every aspect of the space, from the hand-painted faux bois floor to the impeccable choices of artwork.

Check it out!

75B Hoyt St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Fri & Sat 12- 7
Sun 12-6

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello, New Dress

I put the finishing touches on this handmade dress today. Hurray for summer styles! I learned how to sew this little number and all about beginning dressmaking at the Make a Sundress class taught by the wonderful Cal Patch at the Etsy Labs.