Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello, Telectroscope

Do you believe in the Telectroscope? I have paid homage to this marvel twice and it has colored the my summer with a shade of delight each visit. The story goes that artist Paul St. George
discovered his great-grandfather's notes for a transatlantic tunnel connecting London and Brooklyn, a project which ended tragically...until Paul St. George picked up the reigns and finished the amazing Telectroscope! The telectroscope visually connects London and New York, like an apparatus straight out of City of Lost Children.

Are you are looking for the ultimate Brooklyn date? Well, here is the plan for you: First, go to Grimaldi's and eat the tastiest pizza in town and swill some Brooklyn Lagers. Then, stroll down to the water just under the Brooklyn Bridge. Grab some homemade ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Savor it while peering into London through the Telectroscope, watching the tourists, and gazing at the lights of Manhattan across the river.

Catch the Telectroscope while you can! It closes on Sunday, June 15 at 6 pm in Brooklyn and 11 pm in London.

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Mim said...

That looks so great. I saw pix and read about it on the NY times on-line. We won't make it to Brooklyn. Thanks for sharing this on your blog and keep blog-ing.