Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tools of the Trade: Thermal Printer

After coming to terms with the demise of Gocco, I decided to save my pennies up and invest in a thermal imager from Welsh Products! These machines have been around for decades and are still used for creating thermal silkscreens, tattoo stencils, and transparencies. I first started experimenting with screenprinting with screens created with a Thermalfax machine back in art school. I am excited to incorporate this printing technique into my bookmaking and artmaking processes!

With the thermal imager, you can expose a thermal mesh screen by running the screen and a carbon photocopy through the imager. The resulting screen can then be stretched across a plastic frame and printed with screenprinting ink and a squeegee. (That's the process in a nutshell.)

Be sure to check out this blog post on Vitreosity, if you're interested in more of the ins and outs of various thermal screenprinting process and equipment. It's chockful of information and how-to videos (including my Gocco video!).

Here are some notebooks I made with covers printed with thermal screens. If you're interested, they're for sale in my shop.

My latest project in-progress. These will soon become notebooks.


[nancy + andy] said...

Very cool!
Can you use 200 mesh material with the thermofax, or does the screen material need to be more open (70 or 120 mesh) than the Gocco screens (200 mesh)?
Going to check out the other blog - thanks for the link :)

olga said...

i like your works.

from olga,