Monday, March 16, 2009

Wrap-up: News from Your Secret Admiral

Hello there my virtual friends,
I know it has been awhile since I've made a peep in the ol' blogosphere, but I wanted to share some highlights from the past month from Your Secret Admiral Land.

in the press:

(Click the image above to see the article at a readable size.)

In the February 19-25th issue of Time Out New York magazine, there was a segment honoring Martha Stewart's appearance at the 92nd Street Y. They highlighted three local crafters, including my pal Danielle Maveal and me! You can see the article online here.

on the road:

I spent 3 days in Baltimore at the American Craft Council show in the "AltCraft" section earlier this month, selling my wares, seeing old friends, and meeting fellow makers.

I had the great pleasure to see and meet Annie from Imogene, Rania from goshdarnknit, Linda from Little Flower Designs, Caitlyn from Re-Bound Designs, Josh and Margaret from Dovetail Ceramics, Nicole from Astulabee, Alison of Tigerlilly, the ladies behind Hello Craft, and so many wonderful others! The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, a buzzing beehive, and an overall success. I have spend the time since relaxing and scheming...

This was my booth.

Here are some of my day planners and other books.

Annie + Danielle + me

Buds! Angelica, Nathan, Aaron, Annalise, Richena.

I send a special shout out to Danielle, Nathan, and my mother for all their much appreciated help making this show go smoothly. Much love to you each!

in the galleries:

If you live in Brooklyn or Minneapolis, be sure to pay a visit to Your Secret Admiral products now stocked in two new brick-and-mortar galleries! In Brooklyn, my handmade books can be found at the lovely New York Design Room on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. In Minneapolis, a selection of books can be found at Gallery 360. Check it out!

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