Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How-Tuesday: Make a Weekly Planner Book with Your Secret Admiral

Check out my latest how-to video made with wonderful Etsy admin Michelle and Eric!

"This week, Etsy How-Tuesday helps you get organized for the New Year with Etsy admin Julie aka YourSecretAdmiral / julieincharge. Julie shows you how to make a weekly planner, which you an give as a handmade stocking stuffer or keep for all that organizing you'll be doing in the New Year. You can use your own design or download our pdf template."

Don't want to make your own? Buy one here and I'll ship it off to you post haste!

The video also got a nice mention on Whip Up today!


YnR said...

I loved the tutorial and your little template!!! I can't wait to make it!!!!!

zees5 said...

You guys are too cute! I love that idea. I hope you come up with other templates too (: